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Kazakhstan’s first musical theatre presents ‘Oath of Friends’ play

18 Nov 2016 Article

Kazakhstan’s first musical theatre presents ‘Oath of Friends’ play 18.11.2016 09:27 Kazakhstan’s first specialized theater ‘Astana Musical’ presented to Astana audience its vivid performance. The spectators of the musical ‘The Oath of Friends’ immersed themselves in the 60-70-ies of the last century.   The plot of the musical unfolds an intriguing story of love and strong friendship between four young people. The audience almost travelled back in time with the heroes of the play. The spirit of the past penetrated the musical featured by songs of Kazakh composers such as Kaldayakov, Khassangaliev, Dos Mukasan group, as well as world masterpieces of Frankel and The Beatles. Kazakh poet and writer Bakhyt Kairbekov is the author of the libretto. Playwright Annas Bagdat translated the musical into the Kazakh language. An honored worker of Kazakhstan Arthur Orenburgsky wrote the music for the play.   Eslyam NURTAZIN, DIRECTOR: This is entirely a Kazakh production. Our fellow Kazakh artists created this play, starting from the plot, ending with costumes and music. All of our actors sing live. In total, about 200 people are involved in the musical.   Young and talented actors have received their roles, having passed the toughest casting. They are mainly graduates of Zhurgenov Academy of Arts and graduates of the Moscow University ‘Shabyt’. According to soloists of the theater, it is not easy to be an actor in the musical genre, it requires creative diversity.   Salamat MUKASHEV, ACTOR: There are some difficulties. We have to dance and sing at the same time, and not to forget about acting. The actors have to be always in shape and work hard.   Astana Musical is already preparing new, no less spectacular performances for its audience. According to the management, the theater will soon have a unique repertoire consisting of Kazakh musicals, which eventually will be recognized across the world.



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